Three Nutritional Reasons You Should Add Swordfish to Your Diet

I used to work as a waiter at a restaurant that served grilled swordfish. I am most definitely not a big seafood eater despite being born and raised and still living in a beach town. In fact, though I am in excess of half a century old, I have only gotten around to enjoying the delicacy known as shrimp for about three years now. I still haven’t gotten around to trying grilled swordfish, but ever since my days as a waiter I have considered it to be the most aesthetically pleasing of all ocean food. Turns out that swordfish has some nutritional beauty going for it as well.


One typical 106 gram serving of swordfish carries with the significant disadvantage of being high in cholesterol. If you can get past the high cholesterol levels, you can take full advantage of the fact that a serving of swordfish provides you with 36% of the daily recommended minimum serving of phosphorous your body needs. You may not take much time to think about phosphorous and your body’s requirement for it. It’s not like phosphorous is one of the marquee minerals like calcium. But ain’t this a kick in the head: phosphorous is right up there with calcium in terms of playing an important role in keeping your bones strong. A phosphorous deficiency can result everything from early onset of tooth decay to broken bones. Adding swordfish to your dietary menu a few times a month is a good way to ensure strong bones and teeth.


That 106 grams of swordfish is enough to provide you with nearly 100% of the selenium your body needs daily. Selenium levels in swordfish are a tasty way to fend off the potential for developing prostate cancer. The ability of selenium to ante up the game of antioxidants in the body makes eating swordfish a particularly good means of helping your body fight off the free radicals that bring on cancer.


Nearly two-thirds of the amount of niacin you should be getting every day can arrive fresh from the water in the form of grilled swordfish. That 12.5 milligrams of niacin in a single serving of swordfish makes the fish almost a must on the menu for anyone suffering from arthritis. The way in which niacin helps to expand the blood vessels around aching joints can go a long way in reducing the pain. A much more expansive benefit to getting enough niacin is the way in which this B-vitamin facilitates the absorption of all other vitamins and minerals in the digestive process. By ensuring that you get enough niacin, you are effective improving the efficiency with which your body utilizes everything from vitamin C to calcium.


The Nutritional Benefits of Celery

Celery is a common green vegetable that is often added to many foods such as soups, and salads. A one cup serving size is just 19 calories, 4 grams of carbohydrates, and no fat. This vegetable eaten plain can be very filling if you are trying to lose weight and need a filler food.

The fiber provided in celery is 2 grams per cup which is not bad. We need to have fiber in our diets for roughage which keeps us regular, and also for the lowering of our cholesterol. High fiber foods also help us to lose weight and keeps us fuller longer.

One of the things celery is richest in is vitamin K. A serving size of celery in this vitamin is 25.26 micrograms which is excellent. This vitamin helps blood to clot normally, and it also plays a role in bone health. Certain studies have also suggested that vitamin K is preventive for both bone and liver cancers.

Vitamin C is another vitamin which is found in celery. This vegetable has 8.40 milligrams in a serving which is excellent. Vitamin C is an immune system building vitamin and works against free radicals in the body which cause disease. This vitamin is another one which may be preventive in some cancers as well.

Folate is another nutrient found in celery at 33.60 micrograms. Folate has been known to help in the prevention of birth defects in pregnant woman. But that’s not the only thing folate does. This nutrient also helps our nerve health, and controls the build-up of too much homocystine in the blood. Up to some degree, research suggests that folate may help in the prevention of dementia, as well as helping to strengthen the bones along with calcium, of which celery has 48 milligrams of calcium per serving size.

There is some molybdenum found in celery at 6.00 micrograms in a serving size. Molybdenum is a trace mineral which provides energy to the body’s cells along with helping the kidneys to eliminate wastes, and a large role in nerve system functioning.

Manganese is found in celery at 0.12 milligrams a serving. Manganese is helpful to utilizes many of the key nutrients in the body such as thiamin, biotin, and also choline. Manganese also plays some small role in helping to normalize blood glucose levels.

Potassium, our central electrolyte which we cannot live without is found in celery at 344 milligrams in a serving. Potassium is what controls the heart rate, balances fluids, and provides muscle energy. It plays a central role in the regulation of our blood pressure too.

These are the main nutrients found in celery. You should make this vegetable part of your diet on a regular basis to get the benefits from it.


Nutrition & CBD Oil – A complete Wellbeing Cure

More than 20% of the world population suffers from obesity, but almost 50% of all people suffer from weight problems. It is a result of the modern world when we stay more in offices and our homes, and we exercise a lot less. However, contemporary problems also have new treatments, and one of them would be CBD.

Weight problems are usually associated with diabetes, heart diseases, and stomach aches. All these problems can be treated with cannabinoids, and many people already tried this wonder cure for obesity.

CBD is not only good for treating obesity, but also in preventing it. Cannabinoids can regulate the appetite, helping you to eat less and to avoid fat and harmful foods.

Full Spectrum CBD & Nutrition

The most efficient hemp extract for nutrition problems is full-spectrum CBD, as this comes with the entourage effect. Hemp oils contain not only the available CBD but also other useful substances for the body. It is the terpenes and other minerals that would help the body in reducing food cravings, and this is why Full Spectrum oil is the right choice.

Full Spectrum oil is obtained by cold pressing the Cannabis Sativa plants, in an ecologic environment rich in fatty acids and other useful substances for our body. These are the valuable fats that are required by the body. If you take these substances from CBD, your body will not feel the need to take them from food. It is the most straightforward action of cannabinoids that would help you with your nutrition problems.

Cannabidiol is known in the United States as an approved and tested compound for protecting the neuronal functions and as an anti-oxidant.

O3 is another compound of the cannabis plant that can also be helpful in treating this condition. The terpenes come with the entourage effect, which is a synergy for all the other beneficial effects of CBD.

Case Study of CBD effects on obesity.

Researchers from the Science Med Clinic in Romania were some of the first to analyze this propriety of cannabidiol on a patient that suffered from severe obesity problems

  • Obesity -120 kg for 175cm height
  • Lumbar pains and diarrhea
  • Uncontrolled arterial tension
  • Accentuated nervousness

The patient was consulted in the clinic and undertook a treatment to reduce the energetic disequilibrium of different organs. The device showed problems with the endocrine system and also with the heart, liver, and stomach. However, other organs were also affected by obesity one way or the other.

Besides the medical treatment recommended to the patient, doctors established a natural remedy based on CBD. This treatment was designed to regulate the functions of the body, but also to ease the pains given by the lumbar problems. The patient observed the reduction of pain only five minutes after taking CBD.

Because of this positive effect, the patient continued to purchase CBD as a natural aid to the medical one, and his state was visibly improved after three months. The patient became calm and optimistic and was even able to go back to work.


Dannon Light 'n Fit Smoothie Offers Nutritional Balance and Convenience

With health and weight loss at the forefront of most consumer products, many consumers search endlessly for a way to reduce calorie intake while still maintaining the required daily recommended vitamin and mineral levels. In this never ending search, Dannon's Light 'n Fit Smoothie offers a low calorie, nutritious option to a healthy snack between meals. With a reduction in calories, Dannon's Light 'n Fit Smoothie is a yogurt product which can be enjoyed by the entire family.

In my home, live takes over. Busy with work and children, trying to find the right balance of fast and nutritional food becomes a challenge. Fortunately, with my discovery of Dannon's Light 'n Fit Smoothie, I've found the answer to my nutritional needs while providing little downtime to eat. As a snack on-the-go, I've noticed an improvement in my energy level, weight and overall health since I began drinking one smoothie per day.

Needless to say, Dannon Light 'n Fit Smoothie is a frequently used product in my home. Because it comes in a variety of flavors, my children enjoy drinking them as well! Additionally, by introduction of the product in my home, I've enlightened my children to the world of flavorful, healthy eating and found a replacement for junk food snacking which, previously, involved chips, cokes and candy. In addition to child health, women's health is also improved by the Dannon Light 'n Fit Smoothie as it contains active yogurt cultures which work to prevent immune system deficiencies and reductions in yeast infections. Considered a light and healthy breakfast item, the Dannon Light 'n Fit Smoothie is a great pre-work out energy booster and breakfast replacement item.

Unfortunately, the Dannon Light 'n Fit smoothie is considered a milk by-product. As a result, it is not indicated in the nutritional program for lactose intolerant consumers. Before consuming this Dannon product, you should consult your physician. However, in most patients, the levels of ingredients are absorbed and tolerated well. Another disadvantage associated with Dannon Light 'n Fit Smooth is the cost associated with purchase. As a premier nutritional supplement, the cost of a individual packaged Dannon smoothie is greater than the similar content in a standard yogurt packaging. However, the ease of consumption may outweigh the cost associated with the product.

In summary, Dannon Light 'n Fit Smoothie offer many advantages to the consumer in terms of nutrition and convenience as a meal replacement or snack item. With Dannon offering a variety of nutritional products stemming from milk to yogurt, the cost of purchasing the individual smoothie as a disadvantage may be a relatively minor inconvenience when considering the Dannon Light 'n Fit Smoothie offers many advantages in terms of improved weight control, improved nutrition and convenience.


iForce Nutrition's Bold: Testosterone Booster Review

iForce Nutrition's Bold is one of many muscle-building products on the market intended for the use of body-builders and general workout aficionados. While prices can be rather extreme if you just browse Amazon, by searching more carefully you can find iForce Nutrition's Bold available at a more reasonable forty dollar price point. So, how does it work? How powerful is it? Is iForce Nutrition's Bold even worth it? Keep reading to find out.

iForce Nutrition's Bold is basically as potent as is legally allowable, since it utilizes androstadiene, a precursor of the illegal Boldenone testosterone-derived steroid. Boldenone was originally created to enhance the testosterone and muscular capabilities of bodybuilders, and androstadiene manages to follow along the same path, albeit in a way more sanctioned by the FDA. By stimulating the androgen receptors, iForce Nutrition's Bold causes an increase in testosterone, as well as increasing lean (as opposed to bulked up) muscle mass and overall gains in strength. Minor aromatization of estrogen is also caused to encourage the repair of muscle tissue, but this is small enough to avoid any significant estrogen-related side effects such as retention of water or increases in fat tissues. iForce Nutrition's Bold transmits itself through the body very well, and can even go through the liver without losing any of its potency.

One or two capsules three times a day is the recommended dosage for iForce Nutrition's Bold, and will quickly result in noticeable improvements in muscle growth and testosterone levels. However, due to its 'just this side of legal' potency, iForce Nutrition's Bold isn't recommended for people under eighteen, women, or people suffering from certain medical conditions such as heart disease or prostate-related issues. Also because of its raw power, iForce Nutrition's Bold is only meant for temporary use, and exceeding twelve straight weeks of usage could be bad for your health! As with any product that increases testosterone, using only the accepted amount is absolutely necessary, and exceeding that can cause a variety of undesirable side effects. Some of these side effects include acne, hair loss, increased aggression and excessive irritability, for starters. But if you really need to get the most out of your muscles and fast, then iForce Nutrition's Bold is certainly powerful enough to get the job done, no matter who you are. If you were using certain banned bodybuilding supplements before they were banned and miss that old rush, iForce Nutrition's Bold is a great legal alternative. Or if you're thinking about getting more out of your workout routine for the first time, iForce Nutrition's Bold will be there for you. But, and this must be stressed, it should be used with all due caution and only within the guidelines specified by the manufacturer.


Treat Cancer with Nutrition – the Gerson Program

When you are diagnosed with cancer your brain shuts down from the shock. However, this doesn't stop doctors and other medical professionals telling you about your treatment options. At this point you will most likely forget everything that the doctor is telling you, and this is why it is important not to select a cancer treatment right after you have been given your diagnosis. Instead you need to go home, allow things to sink in, conduct your own research and to schedule an appointment with another cancer specialist to get a second opinion and to learn more about your treatment options. However, even with a second opinion western doctors will most likely fail to tell you about alternative/homeopathic treatments that are available for cancer patients, like the Gerson Program.

The Gerson Program – Background

The Gerson Program is a time tested alternative treatment that approaches the treatment of cancer with nutrition, as opposed to drugs, surgery and radiation. This program was originally used to treat the founding doctor's migraine headaches, however, it was later discovered to be affective at treating arthritis, lupus and liver metastasess.

Dr. Gerson became a U.S. doctor in the late 1930s after which he spent a considerable amount of time perfecting and testing his nutritional cancer treatment. Like many other doctors who have added alternative medical treatments to their practice, Gerson faces considerable opposition by the American Medical Association. However, when his daughter, an RN, renewed interest in the role that nutrition plays in the healing process was created. Today the Gerson Research Organization continues to research the philosophies developed by Dr. GErson.

The Gerson Program – The Basics

Oxydative enzymes are one of the primary methods for fighting cancer cells in the Geson Program. This approach is used because it is thought that cancer cells primarily thrive in anaerobic conditions. Therefore, if oxidation is introduced via oxidative enzymes supplied by fresh fruits and vegetables, then cancer cells will be destroyed. This theory is used to support the consumption of fresh fruit juices and vegetable juices as a primary component of the Gerson Program.

Coffee enemas are another component of the Gerson Program. This element is added to the treatment because it is though that coffee enemas help the liver and bile ducts to be cleans of their toxins. This is accomplished by introducing the caffeine from the coffee to the bile ducts through absorption through the intestines. The caffeine dilates the bile ducts and increases the amount of toxins that can be excreted from the body.

The final component of the Gerson Program is producing a favorable sodium/potassium balance. Gerson believed that having a high potassium to sodium balance that tissue damage can be repaired quicker, thereby preventing cancerous cells from spreading or causing irreparable damage.


Vitamins: Can We Buy Good Nutrition in a Pill?

There are hundreds of billions of dollars made by corporations in the business of manufacturing vitamins. And in this economy, when many people have lost their health insurance, people are doing and buying anything they think might protect their health out of sheer fear. Although vitamins are expensive and possibly price-fixed by some groups of manufacturers, people who can afford them are buying even more now than ever before. But if you don't have a diagnosed deficiency, do vitamin pills do anything for you? Is there a good reason for everybody to spend their money on vitamin pills, when there's no sign of scurvy, pellagra, beriberi, or other obvious deficiency disease?

Some vitamin pill formulations don't break down in your digestive system and just end up in your septic tank, and the jury is still out on whether some vitamin supplements work for people who are not very deficient. Most excessive water-soluble vitamins just overtax your kidneys when they have to filter out the extra. But if you're going to take supplements, you should know that you can definitely take too much of a good thing.

I haven't come across cases of bad things happening with large doses of C or B12, but large doses of some of the single B vitamins can cause nerve damage or heart destabilization. Overdoses of oil-soluble vitamins and some metals (minerals) can be especially dangerous, because the oils are stored in body fat and minerals stored in bones for a long time, and cannot be flushed out with water. Vitamin A overdoses notably cause liver toxicity, and wandering newcomers to Eskimo country who eat a slab of seal liver full of Vitamin A, instead of a tiny nibble, have been known to die pretty fast. Vitamin E used to be overused because it was falsely promoted as an aphrodisiac, before much was known about it; but while tiny amounts of it from your food are helpful to some body systems and may help prevent cancer, a link has been shown between taking more than 200 IU of Vitamin E per day and heart disease.

Please note also that we learn new things about nutrients all the time, and we can't necessarily predict every single thing we are going to need for survival and stuff it into a pill. Do the best you can to eat lots of grains and colorful vegetables and fruits, especially the dark ones. Drink lots of clean water to keep away gallstones and kidney stones, and help flush out water-soluble toxins. Eat what you consider to be a balanced diet. Get a tiny bit of sunlight to help the melanin in your skin make Vitamin D. If you still don't feel quite right, consult a doctor and a licensed nutritionist.