Great Healthy and Delicious Omelet Ideas

When one thinks of omelets, you might think high cholesterol! This may be the case for some types of omelets. Believe it or not omelets can actually be a great treat to eat, and healthy too!! I have five great ideas for some healthy eating omelets you can enjoy, and not worry about the bad effects and omelet could bring your body. These are healthy and delicious.

First , you should always use natural, organic eggs. If you want, you can actually use an egg substitute. In this way you will get no cholesterol effects from the omelet at all. This is your first step to a great healthy omelet. Next you can add many great ingredients that you find delicious and appealing. You choose which things you enjoy, that happen to be good for you, to add to your omelet. Here are a few ideas.

An all veggie omelet. You simply add whatever vegetable you like. I enjoy onions, peppers, tomatoes, and mushrooms. To me this is the best omelet, ever!! I like to fry up the veggies first to get them soft and bring out their true flavor. You then add the eggs. It is that simple. If you choose with any of these omelets you can always add some low fat cheese. You do not have to add this to have a great omelet, though.

Another is an omelet with just one of these ingredients, you do not have to have a whole lot of stuff in your omelet to make it tasty. If you like just mushrooms, just add them. If you like peppers, only add peppers to your egg mixture. What ever vegetable you choose , it does not have to be a whole menagerie to be labeled an omelet.

Another great way to have a healthy omelet is to just add some low salt, low fat, cheese. Nothing else. This way you cut down on any other fatty stuff you may like, such as bacon or ham, and still get a yummy taste of a little treat. Low fat cheese taste very similar to regular cheese, so you will not even feel as if you are not treating yourself to something good.

Yet another great omelet idea is to just make your low cholesterol, or egg substitute omelet. Then just add some salsa on top of the omelet when it is done. That is right, just make eggs as if you are making an omelet. Put it on your plate, plain. Then you add some fresh salsa to the top of the eggs. It is a tasty, healthy treat. That is really good for you and filling.

My last idea is to make an omelet and use a bacon substitute, if you must have some meat in your omelet. There are bacon’s out there that are meat substitute. They are not made from real bacon, so they are not quite so bad for you. It is really best to not have any meat in your omelets, but if you must, try and find some better solutions. There actually are such things as turkey bacon. It is 96% fat free. There is also Bacon Salt. It is primarily fake bacon that is fat free and has zero calories. This product is primarily made for vegetarians. If you look around you can find plenty of “good for you” meats to add to your omelet, that will make your omelet tasty and healthy.

There are many great ideas for healthy omelets, these are a few. I hope you enjoy your omelet, and stay healthy!!