Health Care Myths

To all those people that question the wisdom of those who oppose the nationalization of the U.S. free enterprise health care system, allow me to point out a few facts.

I grew up under a communist government where national health care was practiced. The best I can compare it to would be to any government bureaucracy you ever had to deal with.

In this country, health care is practiced, as a competitive industry and health practitioners must compete like any other business. This competition is what drives the medical innovation that has caused virtually every other countries citizens to come here as a last resort for their health care. Canadians and Europeans come here by the thousands every month to take advantage of the superior training and experience that our health care professionals can provide. People the world over strive to come here for medical training because it is the best.

Whenever the leaders of countries world wide need serious medical attention, they come here.

These and many other reasons should be considered when you make your choice to either support or oppose this law. This present "health care crisis," is nothing more than another power grab by politicians to increase their control over our economy. Just take a good look at all the government agencies who control different parts of our economy. Has there ever been a program other than the military that has performed as promised? The answer is a resounding No!

The people who have attended town hall meetings nationwide were there to ask questions and when the politicians claim they are being attacked, they are spinning the situation. The irritation of the attendees is caused by their abuse at the hands of their elected officials. Those officials have never been put under pressure to answer questions before, and the public is suddenly finding out how foolish and arrogant these officials really are.

Now that the health care bill has passed into law, we can only hope that the Constitutional challenges mounted by various states, will work their through the Supreme court with the speed that such a critical law demands.

I can only hope that the voters will remember these characters at the next election cycle and hold them responsible for their actions.

Let's see which of those public voices that tell us how wonderful medical care under a government controlled system is, will be the first to actually go to Cuba, Canada, or almost any country in Europe for their care.

Remember, by law everyone must be treated in a hospital no matter their financial situation. True, they may not get the absolutely greatest care possible but then that is true of everyone no matter their insurance situation. I encourage those of you that have questions for their elected officials to continue to hold their feet to the fire and insist on answers that are true and not political mumbo jumbo. If that term is not understood by you, then just find the video of Representative Barney Frank of Massachusetts at his town meeting last week.

Here is a link to that video, just copy and paste.

Whichever side of the health care issue you're on, remember argue your point with logic and passion.