Natural and Home-Made Tips for Healthy and Pretty Hands!

When we meet someone new, our hands make a big long lasting first impression, from when you wave in greeting to when you shake your new friend's hand. The last thing you want is to have dry, cracked, or poorly taken care of hands, it can really ruin a first impression, and even affect the outcome of that dinner party or interview! Keep your hands smooth, radiant, and healthy with these tips and recipes, and keep your confidence high during those all important first impressions!

Normally, the biggest issue people have with the skin on their hands is that it's to dry, and after applying lotion, it becomes dry too quickly. Usually the problem with this is the lotion you're using contains far too many chemicals and scents rather than agents that actually moisturize your skin. In this day and age, it's far too much to ask for someone to start buying the twenty dollar lotions at the mall, so keep your scented lotions, they're not useless after all! All you need is a weekly regimen of scrubs and soaks for your hands that will make your digits dazzle everyone you shake hands with.

For a simple, easy to make and easy to use scrub for your hands, combine sand, 2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil, sea salt, and any lotion you have around that has vitamin E. You can eyeball the amounts fairly easily, just mix them together until the consistency is not too gritty, and is not too much of a liquid to be used as an effective scrub. Once the mixture is complete, let it sit for about 60 seconds and then begin to work into the problem areas of your hands first, like the base of your palm and the very tips of your fingers.

Be very gentle with the area between your fingers, it's very sensitive especially to scrubs containing sands and salts! (If a scrub or soak or anything similar calls for sand as an ingredient, a good tip is to buy the decorative untouched sand from a craft or hobby store. Most is natural and unbleached to be added to things around your home, and it hasn't been stepped all over!)

One handy thing you might have around your house is multivitamin pills that can either be crushed with a mortar and used in a soak or scrub, or taken apart to let out the vitamin oil inside. It's common knowledge that vitamin E is very good for your skin, but what many people don't know, is that there are so many other vitamins that give you smooth, radiant skin that are just as easy to find and readily available to them!

Vitamin C has been known to be great for our skin since the dawn of history, as well as vitamin B complex and vitamin K. Vitamin B complex can be found in your medicine cabinet most usually along with E and C, and these multivitamins can be used for more than just ingesting to obtain all their benefits. Try adding equal parts of C, E, B complex, and K to a soak you can hold your hands in. (If you have trouble finding a vitamin that's pure vitamin K, you can use the most natural source of this vitamin of all – green leafy vegetables! Not only are they the best source of vitamins, but they have a natural grittiness that can exfoliate and cleanse the skin on your hands as you soak them.)

Once you have all of your vitamins added to about a liter of water, add a teaspoon of an oil that's good for your skin. Some good choices are rose oil, lavender oil, coconut oil, and even extra virgin olive oil, which is easy to find and helps get rid of impurities lying on and under your skin. Mix it all together well and stick your hands into the soak palm first, letting your hands soak in a shallow basin for about 6-10 minutes. The results are astonishing and immediate, you'll be able to feel the difference before you even rub your dried hands together!

For some quick remedies, try running a cucumber slice against the sensitive skin between your fingers. If the skin there becomes dry, it's difficult to find a lotion that can moisturize that part of your hand without making the rest feel oily. Also, try an orange slice for your fingertips and the tops of your nails! Don't ever forget that natural vitamins and minerals are always what's best for your skin! Good luck to you, your skin, and your wallet!