The Nutritional Benefits of Celery

Celery is a common green vegetable that is often added to many foods such as soups, and salads. A one cup serving size is just 19 calories, 4 grams of carbohydrates, and no fat. This vegetable eaten plain can be very filling if you are trying to lose weight and need a filler food.

The fiber provided in celery is 2 grams per cup which is not bad. We need to have fiber in our diets for roughage which keeps us regular, and also for the lowering of our cholesterol. High fiber foods also help us to lose weight and keeps us fuller longer.

One of the things celery is richest in is vitamin K. A serving size of celery in this vitamin is 25.26 micrograms which is excellent. This vitamin helps blood to clot normally, and it also plays a role in bone health. Certain studies have also suggested that vitamin K is preventive for both bone and liver cancers.

Vitamin C is another vitamin which is found in celery. This vegetable has 8.40 milligrams in a serving which is excellent. Vitamin C is an immune system building vitamin and works against free radicals in the body which cause disease. This vitamin is another one which may be preventive in some cancers as well.

Folate is another nutrient found in celery at 33.60 micrograms. Folate has been known to help in the prevention of birth defects in pregnant woman. But that’s not the only thing folate does. This nutrient also helps our nerve health, and controls the build-up of too much homocystine in the blood. Up to some degree, research suggests that folate may help in the prevention of dementia, as well as helping to strengthen the bones along with calcium, of which celery has 48 milligrams of calcium per serving size.

There is some molybdenum found in celery at 6.00 micrograms in a serving size. Molybdenum is a trace mineral which provides energy to the body’s cells along with helping the kidneys to eliminate wastes, and a large role in nerve system functioning.

Manganese is found in celery at 0.12 milligrams a serving. Manganese is helpful to utilizes many of the key nutrients in the body such as thiamin, biotin, and also choline. Manganese also plays some small role in helping to normalize blood glucose levels.

Potassium, our central electrolyte which we cannot live without is found in celery at 344 milligrams in a serving. Potassium is what controls the heart rate, balances fluids, and provides muscle energy. It plays a central role in the regulation of our blood pressure too.

These are the main nutrients found in celery. You should make this vegetable part of your diet on a regular basis to get the benefits from it.