Treat Cancer with Nutrition – the Gerson Program

When you are diagnosed with cancer your brain shuts down from the shock. However, this doesn't stop doctors and other medical professionals telling you about your treatment options. At this point you will most likely forget everything that the doctor is telling you, and this is why it is important not to select a cancer treatment right after you have been given your diagnosis. Instead you need to go home, allow things to sink in, conduct your own research and to schedule an appointment with another cancer specialist to get a second opinion and to learn more about your treatment options. However, even with a second opinion western doctors will most likely fail to tell you about alternative/homeopathic treatments that are available for cancer patients, like the Gerson Program.

The Gerson Program – Background

The Gerson Program is a time tested alternative treatment that approaches the treatment of cancer with nutrition, as opposed to drugs, surgery and radiation. This program was originally used to treat the founding doctor's migraine headaches, however, it was later discovered to be affective at treating arthritis, lupus and liver metastasess.

Dr. Gerson became a U.S. doctor in the late 1930s after which he spent a considerable amount of time perfecting and testing his nutritional cancer treatment. Like many other doctors who have added alternative medical treatments to their practice, Gerson faces considerable opposition by the American Medical Association. However, when his daughter, an RN, renewed interest in the role that nutrition plays in the healing process was created. Today the Gerson Research Organization continues to research the philosophies developed by Dr. GErson.

The Gerson Program – The Basics

Oxydative enzymes are one of the primary methods for fighting cancer cells in the Geson Program. This approach is used because it is thought that cancer cells primarily thrive in anaerobic conditions. Therefore, if oxidation is introduced via oxidative enzymes supplied by fresh fruits and vegetables, then cancer cells will be destroyed. This theory is used to support the consumption of fresh fruit juices and vegetable juices as a primary component of the Gerson Program.

Coffee enemas are another component of the Gerson Program. This element is added to the treatment because it is though that coffee enemas help the liver and bile ducts to be cleans of their toxins. This is accomplished by introducing the caffeine from the coffee to the bile ducts through absorption through the intestines. The caffeine dilates the bile ducts and increases the amount of toxins that can be excreted from the body.

The final component of the Gerson Program is producing a favorable sodium/potassium balance. Gerson believed that having a high potassium to sodium balance that tissue damage can be repaired quicker, thereby preventing cancerous cells from spreading or causing irreparable damage.